CES may have looked different this year with its virtual format, but the world’s largest tech trade show is still the go-to place for the newest gadgets and concepts.  

CES 2021 wrapped up last week with a wave of new products and announcements that not only impact customers but how brands interact with them and deliver great customer experiences. 

Here are the three biggest CX-related announcements from CES 2021. 

Tech For Health And Wellness

It should be no surprise that tech products for health and wellness saw a huge uptick at CES 2021. With the pandemic still raging, companies are eager to apply new technology to make it easier to get back to some kind of normal life safely. 

Razer took a techy approach to face masks with Project Hazel, which is designed to address the common concerns with masks. The N95 respirator prototype uses a UV light charging case for disinfection and has a built-in microphone and amplifier that makes it easier to speak up and be heard while wearing the mask. The mask even features lights to showcase charging levels and for added style. 

Baracoda won CES awards with its smart mirror CareOS Thermis, which acts as a personal wellness assistant. Themis is a compact mirror designed to support home health and wellness in areas like hygiene, mental health and preventative healthcare through features like daily temperature and vitals checks and skin analyses with gamified AR technology. MORE FOR YOU10 Ways Hulu Is Building A Customer Experience To Rival Netflix25 Of The Most Customer-Centric Companies From 202014 Tech Products From CES 2021 I Can’t Wait To Buy

Other health and wellness products include a portable, filterless air purifier; a smart water bottle that links to apps and fitness trackers; and smart insoles to track how many steps a person takes in a day.   

In 2021, customers are more focused on their health and wellness than ever before. They want solutions that make it easy to protect their health and the health of their families. Companies across all industries can leverage this new technology to incorporate health and wellness into their experiences to improve peace of mind. 

Rollable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones were all the rage at CES 2020, but this year took things up a notch with rollable smartphones. Both LG and TCL unveiled teasers of phones with rollable screens that should be released later this year. 

Rollable phones allow for larger screens without increasing the size of the phone when it’s not in use. From what was shown at CES, the rollable phones start by looking like a typical smartphone before the edges unroll to create a tablet-sized screen. One of the two rollable phones TCL showcased unfurls to a 17-inch screen, the same size as many laptops. 

Any advancements to smartphone technology matter to CX professionals. Modern customers do most of their interactions with brands from their phones, meaning that companies need to be able to adapt their experiences to match the newest technology. Although rollable phones aren’t yet in production and likely won’t be widespread for a while, brands need to be paying attention to what’s coming down the pipeline. Brands that are on the cutting edge of integrating new technology like rollable screens will have a leg up on the competition. 

Robots For Everything From House Cleaning To Emotional Support Pets

Robots are a staple of CES, and the technology improves every year. CES 2021 showed just how advanced and widely applicable robotic technology has become. Samsung unveiled Bot Handy, an upright robot on a rolling base with a long arm and a clamp at the end. Like the name implies, Bot Handy is designed to be handy and perform tasks like cleaning up messy rooms, loading the dishwasher, throwing away trash and even pouring a glass of wine. 

On the cuter side of things, Vanguard Industries unveiled the result of its Kickstarter campaign, a robotic guinea pig named Moflin. The lifelike pet has soft fur and is programmed with AI emotional capabilities to interact with people like a real pet would. Moflin’s numerous sensors help it evaluate its surroundings and respond differently based on who it is interacting with. Over time, Moflin develops a personality based on the environment and treatment from its owners. 

Bot Handy, Moflin and the other robots on display at CES 2021 show huge advancements in robotics and AI. Robots may be showy, but they can also be incredibly useful in a variety of situations. The same technology that helps Moflin build relationships can be used by brands to strengthen customer experience relationships. Robotic technology has the potential to create seamless and convenient customer interactions and innovative solutions. 

Technology is constantly evolving and plays a major role in customer experience. Much of what was unveiled at CES 2021 would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago. Looking towards the future and finding innovative ways to apply new technology can give brands a leg up on the competition and help them better connect with and serve their customers.