We’ve all experienced it at least once. That moment when something comes into your sphere that you involuntarily open your mouth in that ‘O’ shape and the only word you can produce is ‘WOW’.

But have you ever really paused long enough to REALLY notice how you feel in that moment… What are you thinking? How does that moment really affect you?

From over 12 years working across four continents in radio, emcee-ing, marketing and promotions, creating experiential leadership development events, and education; the definition of that ‘WOW’ moment is this…


It’s the moment where something you didn’t think was possible (either just in your world or you just didn’t know it existed) becomes real. And it opens your mind, even for just a moment, to the question… What else might be possible?

Feels a little different now doesn’t it… It’s a moment of limitless potential, and it’s why I’ve always worked to surprise people in all that I do. To give them something they don’t expect, and help them harness that moment of belief into creation and action.

For example…

When I ran Leadership Development Events for a FTSE 100 Company in London, the desired action was for the top 65 leaders in the 10,000+ employee business, to THINK DIFFERENTLY. So I found event spaces that were different to what they were used to. I arranged a general meeting spot before surprising the group throwing mixed departmental groups into Escape Rooms, allowing them to see the natural skills of their colleagues that they weren’t previously aware of. This led to silo’s breaking down, better communication, and more innovation across the team.

When I was asked to plan the first Christmas party in 7 years, for a radio station team. I started the group in a small bar area, before unveiling a huge theatre space with a glowing winter wonderland forest, real snow falling from the roof, and circus performers hanging from the roof serving wine. I also wrote, directed, filmed and edited a 10min skit film about each department. They felt special, they felt seen, they felt appreciated… and that bonding moment carried through into the teamwork between departments in the office.

When I plan dinner parties for my friends, I set a beautiful table for them, they are only asked to bring a bottle of wine, and I cook them a delicious 3 course meal. I show them I care, I create a space that makes them feel appreciated and special, and we have amazing conversations where nothing is off topic. The first time people attend one of my dinners or lunches, they often seem a little uncomfortable with this treatment… then they enjoy it… then they relax, and start to share things that they’ve never shared before. They realise they are in a space where they can be 100% themselves, whoever that is…

So what do you do with it once you’ve created that WOW moment?


This DOES NOT mean being obvious with a, “Hey! You’re having a WOW moment! How does that feel!?”. But by using subliminal cues to encourage questions or further WOW moments. When I ran the Winter Wonderland Christmas Party, I asked everyone to adhere to a black and white dress code. Some people were initially resistant but I was equally insistent. Yet, I was still pleasantly surprised when some of these same guests commented that now that they were in the room, they understood how much that dress code contributed to the overall feel of the event. The next time they are asked to adhere to a similar request, their reaction may be quite different. Reinforcing WOW moments through multiple elements and senses is key. It’s how our brains work. Most people don’t learn or take action based on one touch point… but from multiple and different touch points.

But that’s examples from my business, my life, and utilizing my passions.

What’s yours?

What are the opportunities for WOW moments in YOUR business?

How could you use WOW moments to bring out the magic and potential in the people you work with or have in your personal life?